Targeted Research Training (TRT) 

Through this NIOSH effort, Trainees are encouraged to pursue research training responsive to the NIOSH NORA and generate new knowledge in the field of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH). The research training is expected to clearly enhance Trainee potential to develop into a productive, independent researcher to address challenges in protecting workers’ Health and Safety and to advance research findings into the workplace.

Trainees should acquire a strong set of skills in:

  • Research design, development and epidemiological methods;
  • Biostatistics;
  • Study and survey design;
  • Measures of outcomes;
  • Determining impact; and
  • Ethical and regulatory principles of research.

In addition to the core competencies in research, Trainees should become knowledgeable in non-discipline specific competencies (leadership, management, communication), and develop strong communication skills for applying Research to Practice (R2P).