Research Projects in the Ergonomics & Safety Program generally relate to:

  • Empirical research in the lab;
  • Field-based research into job physical risk factors associated with the development of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs); or
  • Research and development relating to rehabilitation and assistive technology for persons with disabilities

The E&S Program has ongoing collaborative field-based research projects with the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, the University of Wisconsin Madison, and the University of South Florida USF. Additional collaborative research efforts are projected with Auburn University and the Alaska Marine Education Association (AMSEA).

Biomechanics of the Head and Neck (Researchers Melynda Schreiber and Kyle Christian)

Other Research

Ergonomics & Safety Program Testing

Ergonomics & Safety Program Laboratory



Each spring, the Ergonomics & Safety Program and the Rocky Mountain Center for Occupational and Environmental Health (RMCOEH) host the Regional NORA Symposium.