NIOSH and Research to Practice (R2P)


The NIOSH Research to Practice (r2p) is an approach to collaborations with partners and stakeholders on the use, adoption, and adaptation of NIOSH knowledge, interventions, and technologies. We need to move research into practice in order to reduce and eliminate injuries, illness, and fatalities. At NIOSH we feel it is important to work with our partners to develop effective products, translate research findings into practice, target dissemination efforts, and evaluate and demonstrate the effectiveness of these efforts in improving worker health and safety.

To accomplish this, NIOSH collaborates with partners and stakeholders to:

  • Identify needs
  • Design, plan, and conduct studies or evaluate technologies into workplace policy, procedure, technology, and/or practice
  • Communicate and transfer NIOSH policy, procedure, or practices to relevant users for implementation in the workplace
  • Evaluate or demonstrate the impact of these efforts on improving worker safety and health


In the Ergonomics & Safety Program, we work to conduct training, education, research, and outreach that will ultimately benefit worker health and safety.









The practical application of our work is able to make work healthier, to make work safer, keep workers working productively longer, assist in rehabilitating a worker returning from a work injury, and train future Occupational Health and Safety professionals help even more workers and workplaces.