The Ergonomics & Safety Program has started an outreach program whose goal is to reach young workers, in particular.  Many young workers find themselves needing to work rather than simply wanting to work.  Those working out of need may find themselves taking jobs and engaging in work tasks that may not be safe.  These young workers need to know that they are legally entitled to a safe workplace.

The outreach program will initially focus on reaching high-school students.

The education sessions will be hosted by a faculty member within the Ergonomics & Safety Program and will offer opportunities for Trainees and students in the Program to gain experience in teaching as well as to benefit the community.

The curriculum for this outreach education is based on the NIOSH Youth@Work: Talking Safety program.  Additional material will be added to suit each audience and will include information on careers in ergonomics and safety engineering as well as Occupational Safety & Health (OSH).  Each group that is addressed will have a curriculum tailored for their home state.  Of course, these sessions will be at no cost to the host organizations.

Although the Ergonomics & Safety Program is starting up this program in Utah, we will be expanding its reach to include neighboring states in the region.


In addition to teaching the NIOSH-based curriculum, the group from the Ergonomics & Safety Program will interact with both high-school students and school guidance counselors.  It is hoped that through such face-to-face interaction that students entering college will consider careers in ergonomics and safety engineering or Occupational Safety & Health (OSH).

The Ergonomics & Safety Program will, of course, continue in its efforts to secure top graduate students as Trainees in the Program.


There are–and will continue to be–many good employment opportunities for graduates of a university program such as the University of Utah’s E&S Program.  The most-recent data from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Occupational Outlook Handbook show a steady growth in demand for Health & Safety Engineers.  For 2016-2026, the demand for H&S Engineers is expected to grow at 9% per year which is slightly higher expected growth in All Engineering and All Occupations sectors.

Health & Safety Engineering positions are typically in the Manufacturing, Construction, Governmental, and Consulting industries.