Would you like to integrate valuable lessons of Safety & Ergonomics into your curriculum? Skills and knowledge in this area are often indispensable in serious real-world engineering situations, so studying the fundamentals of Safety & Ergonomics can go a long way in helping a professional engineer and especially those effected by his/her work. We here at the University of Utah have gathered many resources and created modules that can be integrated into engineering curricula specifically for this purpose. Any interested professor can access this material and gain references easily right here through our website.

We have developed three different matrices (one each for Mechanical, Civil, and Electrical Engineering subjects) to guide you to lessons that relate to specific engineering courses. Each matrix lists safety and health topics along the side and engineering courses along the top. Where there is material relating to both the safety and health topic and the engineering course, a red X will be in their intersection. Simply click on the red X to find the information we’ve gathered for this particular subject. Since we have organized this in matrix form, you can easily search for material by either course or safety topic. The resources we point to are certainly valuable, however all problems may not relate directly to a course and should be used at the instructor’s discretion.