Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, Robotics Track, University of Utah (2019)
M.S.  Mechanical Engineering, University of Tehran (2015)
B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology (2011)

Lab: MEB 2210

Current Research:  Health Care Robotics – PAM (Patient Assist Mobile) Robot

Getting out of bed and ambulating without supervision is the major cause of patient falls in hospitals and long-term care facilities. One of the most prevalent contributing factors to falls observed in the hospital and long-term care facilities is the lack of mobility aid usage and transferring to and from a mobility aid for ambulation.

The goal of this project is to create a Patient Assistant Mobile (PAM) robot to monitor patient behavior and provide a cost-effective physical presence to continuously observe a patient and the environment to prevent falls.

The project will advance state-of-the-art prevention and understanding of falls through continuous situational monitoring and real-time mobility assessment using fall protection and prevention algorithms and modeling. Major scientific challenges are development of:

1.  An intelligent, cost-effective mobile robot that is capable of manipulating common legged-furniture and mobility aids in hospitals and predictive models to provide assistance prior to a fall (i.e. bedside transition, sit-to-stand, toileting),
2.  Optimize manipulation planning performance based on fall risk assessment and patient motion and intent prediction, and
3.  Optimize mobility aid presence to the patient with regards to patient’s preferences using physical data and ergonomics analysis.

Research Interests: Autonomous systems, Motion planning, Machine learning, Assistive robots, Human-robot interaction, Control systems
Current Projects:  Fall prevention using patient assistant mobile robots and Ankle Foot Simulator (AFS)