Bric Balmforth

MS. Mechanical Engineering (non-thesis) - University of Utah, 2017

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Robin Elliot

Ph.D. Fall 2015

Research Topic: Biomechanics of pack weight on soldier population

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Jonathan-Miller-380x500Jonathan Miller

M.S. Mechanical Engineering - University of Utah, 2015

Projects: Development of a robotic gait simulation test bed.

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Rami-Shorti-380x500Rami Shorti

Ph.D. Spring 2016

Research Topic: Analysis of the ergonomics of laparoscopic surgical procedures




Faris-Ali-380x500Faris Ali

M.S. Summer 2015

Research Topic: Carriage for paraplegic paragliding

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Marissa-Christman-380x500Marissa Christman

M.S. Spring 2015

Research Topic: Influence of hospital bed height on kinematic parameters associated with patient falls during egress


PaulSeth Paul

M.S. Spring 2015

Research Topic; Development and testing of a low-cost wrist-elbow rehabilitation device




Rami-Shorti-380x500MaryEllen Hunt

M.S. Fall 2014

Research Topic: Terrain Display Study: The effect on terrain differences on gait within a Population affected by Parkinson's disease