M.S.  Mechanical Engineering, University of Utah (2019)
B.S. Virginia Commonwealth University (2012)
Engineer-In-Training (Virginia 2012)

Email: u1177312@umail.utah.edu
Lab: MEB 2210

Current Research:

A growing area of recreation is adaptive sports for differently-abled populations. With advances in technology and materials, more innovative solutions for accommodating athletes with spinal injuries are arriving on the market. Special consideration and care are needed to ensure the safety of highly-injured athletes who choose to continue pursuing the joy of sport.

We are evaluating the safety envelope of the Tetra Adaptive Ski Chair that has been designed and produced in conjunction with University of Utah Healthcare for use by paraplegics and quadriplegics. Using computer modeling and analysis techniques, we are evaluating the effects of user anthropometry and physical characteristics of the ski chair on roll stability of the athlete-ski system during operation on the ski slope. Using Simulink Multibody software, we are developing the virtual test environment for the Tetra Ski that allows us to alter initial conditions of the system, physical constraints on the motion of the equipment, and environmental response of the ski to unique scenarios designed to test resistance to rollover. We are including empirical data from real-world trials of the Tetra Ski to inform and increase the accuracy of the virtual model’s stability predictions. Our aim is to confidently provide instructors and users of the Tetra Ski with a data-driven recommended posture, restraint, and ski setting that minimizes the rollover risk for unique occupants.