• E&S Lab Students and Faculty



The E&S Program is partially funded by the RMCOEH which is one of only two ERCs in NIOSH Region 8 (UT, CO, WY, MT, ND, and SD), although these states are in the top rankings for occupational fatalities and thus have an urgent need for more OSH professionals.


The E&S Program provides students and trainees from multiple disciplines with university courses in ergonomics, human factors, biomechanics, industrial safety, system safety, and product safety. 


E&S students have the opportunity to work with faculty in the E&S Program, Mechanical Engineering, the RMCOEH, and other University departments on research into ergonomics, safety, biomechanics, human motion, and rehabilitation engineering.

E&S Laboratory

The E&S Program has a dedicated and well-equipped Laboratory in which students can investigate topics including three-dimensional human-motion capture (MoCap), human gait, biomechanics, rehabilitative robotics, and other ergonomics topics. 


We work together to disseminate our research through publications and conferences including the annual RMCOEH-sponsored NORA (National Occupational Research Agenda) symposium.


Outreach & Recruiting

We reach out to the community and to potential E&S students. We speak with and invite to campus interested and promising high-school students.

Programs of Study

Several academic degrees are available to students in the E&S Program.

Training & Education

We train and educate E&S students regarding the principles and application of ergonomics, industrial health, injury prevention, and occupational safety and sometimes involve industrial assessments and solutions .

Research & Testing

Students and faculty work together across disciplines to investigate, improve, and verify the compatibility of humans to their tasks, equipment, and environments.


We make E&S research and findings availalble to the public in order to help prevent accidents and injuries, facilitate rehabilitation, and improve quality of life for people.

The Ergonomics & Safety Program provides no-cost Young-Worker educational outreach sessions to groups of young people who may be at risk of working under unsafe conditions without knowing their rights to a safe workplace.  Session content is tailored to a specific U.S. state and follows the NIOSH curriculum. 

The sessions also discuss career opportunities in Ergonomics & Safety, Industrial Hygiene, Occupational Safety & Health, and Occupational-Injury Prevention.  




Outreach Education Appointment